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Can you come out to my home?
We do all of our fittings based in our studio in Lyne as we have lots of space, large mirrors and endless pins, pieces of fabric and accessories to try out with the dress.

Do you charge for the fittings?
We do not charge for the fittings only the work carried out on the dresses.

Can you give me a cost before the fitting?
Unfortunately it is near on impossible to give a final cost before we see the dress as so many things can vary the cost which we may not be able to see until we physically see the dress. We do have a price list on the website which will give you a rough idea if you know what needs doing. We will always however talk you through the costings before you leave the dress with us.

How long before my wedding should I book the fitting?
Feel free to contact us and book in at anytime. Generally we like to do the first fitting 6-8 weeks before your wedding date to allow enough time to carry out the work needed.

What if I am planning on losing weight?
Ideally we would need you as close to your goal weight as possible by the first fitting, in which case if you let us know when you book we can book your first fit for 6 weeks before, we can work around a few pounds here and there but if you drastically change weight between fittings then you may be charged twice for the work carried out.

How long will the fitting take?
We usually allow around 45mins-1 hour for the first fitting and then half an hour for any after.

How many fittings will I need?
It depends on how much work is being carried out, usually it can be anywhere between 2-4 unless we are doing something very complicated.

What do I need to bring with me?
I will need your dress, shoes and any underskirts or accessories which you will be wearing on the day. We will provide any bra cup inserts which you may need.

How do I pay?
We take payment in full when the dress is collected, you can pay either cash or card payment.

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